This festival is celebrated on the very rare ocassions when the moons align in a way that briefly calms the usually violent waves in the central ocean.

This event is celebrated differently in different cultures.

In some cultures in the North, people sail as far as possible into the ocean and release small boats with ceremonial gifts for the spirits and the dead. In other cultures, in the South, it is marked by a vigil kept throughout the night, it is believed that when the tides are calmed, evil spirits are allowed to cross into the world of the living and they must be warded off. Others undergo ceremonial swims and boat trips.

The Migrant Fleet marks this time by crossing the ocean to the other continent. This association between their arrival and a time in which the barrier between the afterlife and humans is believed to be minimal is one of the reasons that they are treated with fear, respect, and exclusion by many in both the North and South.