The Howling Brothers (name?) are an order of monks known for channeling their magic through chants and song. They live in a secluded valley which can only be accessed by a pass that the brothers themselves must magically chant in and out of existence. Though few are allowed to enter their stronghold in the valley, and little is known about what happens behind the mountains, the monks are not reclusive. Their amazing skills in manipulating stone, dirt, metal, and even water, are often used in the construction of cities. Though they are willing to use their skills in this mundane way, and can be hired for such services, they refuse to participate in any warfare in order to keep their passage through all countries uninhibited.

The Brothers claim that their magical method is inspired by a breed of Howler monkeys who live in the valley and the surrounding mountains, who move between trees by manipulating trees and vines with their howls, and will even carve out caves with their howls to serve as nests.

Many of the Brothers will spend time in retreat in the mountains in caves similarly carved out while training. Though it is common in most magical orders to make pilgrimages to the islands in the Great Sea, most Hwoling Brothers do not go on such pilgrimages.

These skills also become invaluable after First Contact when expeditions are made into the ocean. The Brothers use their matter manipulation to bring ruins and artifacts to the surface after they are discovered by automatins.