The Bloody Marys are a territorial street gang located in city of Duncaer. The Bloody Marys are known for their exclusively female membership and the enthusiasm with which they use assassination and espionage.  Although most of the Marys' violence tends to be directed against their rival gang, the Screwdrivers, they have also been known to perform hits on citizens as special favors to loyal supporters.

The gang is led by a shadowy figurehead known only as "Bloody Mary," although for the sake of convenience an epithet is often added to the title to distinguish one leader from the next. The identity of Bloody Mary is kept secret even from lower-level members of the gang, and revealed only to the council of generals, who also comprise the body that elects the next Bloody Mary. 

The Bloody Marys are the last independent gang in the city, a relic of an earlier time when dozens of individual gangs fought each other for dominance. A partnership between two drug-running gangs evolved into a loose confederation, the Screwdrivers, which slowly absorbed or eliminated the smaller, independent gangs. The Bloody Marys, led by the legendary Bloody Mary the Martyr, stood against the tide of consolidation. Bloody Mary the Martyr earned her nickname after she was killed by members of the Screwdrivers during what was intended to be a peaceful parlay discussing a union between the gangs. By the time of the Flooding, the Bloody Marys and the Screwdrivers were two of only four gangs operating in the city, and after the Flood, the Screwdrivers absorbed the territory of the remaining gangs, becoming the sole rival to the Bloody Marys.