Cadmus The Elder is the most common name for the ancient animated automaton who inhabits a deep and wild wood. Cadmus was one of the earliest conceived humanoid machines, and was at the first built from sturdy wood, leather, and rudimentary metal pieces such as nails and modest plates atop hands, feet, back of head etc,. Cadmus' creator is unknown, and thus its true age is unknown. Its design predates and is significantly different from all current automaton designs, adding to it's mystery.

At some point, Cadmus' lifeless form was found by a traveling magician. The magician, a hermit save for his occasional expeditions for discovery, brought Cadmus back to his dwelling deep within a wood. After much experimenting, the magician was able to give life and sentience to Cadmus through an arcane and powerful magic unlike other magical practices that animate machines. Cadmus was programmed to be curious, to always learn and seek knowledge, and to improve upon and repair its physical body to ensure survival and function. Over centuries, Cadmus accrued a odd and unique collection of parts to replace his aging and broken ones. He covers himself with wood, metals of all variety, some stones and leathers, as well as pieces from everyday items and other machines that it finds.

At some point, the Cadmus' magician care taker passed away, and Cadmus continued living out its programming.

Cadmus now wanders the wood, and occasionally beyond, living out his imbedded function. It has grown to be something of a folk legend to surrounding areas, and spends most of its time with animals, observing natural phenomena, or reading through the late magician's comprehensive library.