Aestus is one word for the energy that permeates the world. The ability to channel Aestus is generally considered to be a genetic trait, but that is not to say that supernatural abilities are restricted to those of a certain lineage. Attunement to the Aestus can be manifest in a myriad of forms and in any human, and some animals, most notably whales, dolphins, and the unnamed kraken and other such deep ones.

The ways that Aestus is manifest are myriad, ranging from the ability to heat or cool objects, enhancing ones ability to jump by focusing and reducing ones own mass, moving heavy objects,  imbuing arts and crafts with more luminous qualities, aiding in agricultural development, etc.

Many mages are simply artisans channeling Aestus through their craft or skill. There is a long history of aural methodology - it is most frequent in nature, Aestus channeled through the songs of birds and whales and harmonies of human voices. As the arts developed, humans began to realize they could channel their magic with great precision through musical instruments, the mixing of paints and pigments, the blowing of glass, the working of metal and stone and clay, etc. etc.